Object and accession
These general conditions of sale (hereinafter General Conditions) regulate the online purchase of products offered to the public by Mainada Kids, SLU (hereinafter Mainada) through our online store.

The completion and submission of the Purchase Order expresses the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the General Conditions, as shown in the box I accept the General Conditions of the Purchase Order.



Is the Use of Mainada Kids Services Allowed for Minors?

Minors are not authorized to buy products from Mainada Kids. The products for minors that we sell must be purchased by adults. Children under 18 may only use Mainada Kids Services under the supervision of a parent or guardian.



Purchase Orders
1. Purchase Orders shall be sent by electronic means or by telephone from www.mainada.es with one of our sales, employment precisely there ready for the purpose, duly completed technical means and in particular, the spaces having completed entirely black and having provided each of the requested data as required.
2. Upon receipt of a Purchase Order, Mainada send an order confirmation to the email address specified in the Purchase Order (Confirmation).

3. In the event that upon receipt of a Purchase Order and prior to shipping confirmation have no available stocks of the Product subject of that order, Mainada provide Customer with the ability to:

          • Wait for it to get from your provider
          • Acquire a similar product
          • Cancel Purchase Order

4. The costs of packaging, packaging and shipping of products purchased, and, if applicable, VAT and other taxes that may be applicable, are payable by the Customer, which shall pay along with the price and on the same means chosen to enforce payment of the price.

5. The price of the products offered in www.mainada.esinclude VAT.

1. The price of the Products shall only be paid, at the option of the Customer, for any of the following means:


- By credit card. This service is where we consider most suitable for you to place your order. Service payment by credit card is provided directly by Banc Sabadell. Mainada excludes all liability with regard to the confidentiality and security of information and data provided by the Customer on payment of their electronic purchases by credit card, to the extent that the treatment of such information and data are not exclusively under the control of Mainada.


- By bank transferaccount number ES61-0081-1779-41-0001029403 Banc Sabadell. In this case, the Client must indicate the beneficiary (Mainada Kids, SLU) and the concept assigned the order number when making your purchase. Once the admission should send the receipt via email to the address or fax mainada@mainada.es.

In case of not receiving the receipt, the shipment will not be made until obtaining the conformity of our bank. The order will be canceled within 2 working days in case of not receiving the requested transfer.


- By COD. The order amount will be paid upon delivery of the carrier once delivered. This payment is an additional 3% commission on the total invoice amount, with a minimum of 3 €. The purchaser accepts cash only, heels etc. are not accepted (Available only in the Iberian Peninsula)

No shipment will be made without first having the customer's confirmation: mail or phone.


- Through Paypal. Service payment using your Paypal account is provided directly by PayPal (Europe) S.à rl & Cie, SCA. This payment is an additional 2% fee on the total amount of the invoice. Mainada excludes all liability with regard to the confidentiality and security of information and data provided by the Customer on payment of their electronic purchases through this system, to the extent that the treatment of such information and data exclusively under the Mainada control.


- Use discount coupons:
The discount coupons do not imply in any time a means of payment and therefore are not subject to the same conditions as other means of payment:

          • Can not be exchanged for cash.
          • Can not be used partially ifuse and not use the total amount, the rest of the coupon is lost.
          • It is subject to restrictions as number of times you can use the coupon owner, expiration date, minimum order, and brands and / or categories in which you can use.


- Payment in installments / financed: Make your purchase and you can finance it in 3.6 or 12 installments without interest. SeQura is responsible for financing your purchase easily, immediately. This form of payment is subject to the approval of the operation by SeQura. The approval can take up to 48 hours. Your order will be managed by our warehouse based on the compliance of this operation. (Available only in the Iberian Peninsula)


The delivery of the products, depending on their availability at the time of ordering.
If you want confirm availability products before ordering, call us at telephone +34 973 31 18 11 (Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 to 14:00 and 15:00 to 20:00, Saturdays from 9:00 to 13: 00) or by email to mainada@mainada.es and will be answered shortly.


The delivery of all our products is done by express transport agencies. The customer can check the status of your order through the website or through the customer service department in any media.


Delivery time since leaving Mainada Kids stores is 24 / 48h Peninsula and Balearic 48/72 for.



Information processing

1. Customer authorizes Mainada to automatically process your personal data (Personal Data). It is an automated process the Personal Data for the uses and purposes and under the conditions defined in the Data Protection Policy.


2. By completing and sending the corresponding Purchase Order, you agree that your Personal Data are processed automatically by Mainada under the terms stated in the Policy for Protection of Personal Data of Mainada.


Minimum price guaranteed policy
To be eligible for the minimum guaranteed price policy, Mainada should check that the product characteristics are exactly alike. Among the features are checked; Brand, Model, Reference, New-Discontinued-Exhibition-Liquidation, Special Deal.

Moreover the following aspects of the seller, such as, who has established in Spanish territory (will not be valid websites from other countries that have been translated into Spanish) and the products must have been legally imported or offenders.



1. Any communication between the Client and Mainada on a particular order may be made by any of the following ways: by mail or certified mail, phone or fax.


2. For the purposes of communications, Mainada designates the following address, fax and email:


Mainada Kids, SLU
P.I. La Canaleta n5
25300 - Tárrega (Lleida)
Tel. +34 973 31 18 11



Product warranty

Mainada Kids responds of the lack of conformity that is manifested within a period of two years from delivery. It will be presumed that the lack of conformity that is manifested in the six months after the delivery of the product, already existed when the product was delivered, except when this presumption is incompatible with the nature of the product or the nature of the lack of conformity.


The consumer and user must inform the seller of the lack of conformity within two months of having knowledge of it.

The consumer has the right to repair the product, to replace it, to reduce the price or to terminate the contract.


If the product is not in accordance with the contract, the consumer and user may choose between requiring repair or replacement of the product, unless one of these two options is objectively impossible or disproportionate.


Deficiencies caused by negligence, bumping, use or improper manipulation, unsuitable tension, incorrect installation, or materials subject to wear and tear are not included.


In those incidents that justify the use of the guarantee, will opt for repair, replacement of the item, rebate or refund, in the terms established by law.


The guarantee will lose its value:

          • If you modify, alter or replace some of the same data or proof of purchase.
          • If handled or repair both the identification number as the device itself guaranteed without knowledge of Mainada.


To enforce the guarantee, please contact us by phone +34 973 311 811 or send an e-mail to the following address mainada@mainada.es


- - - - - - -



Mainada responsible for the quality of its products, and support the return of any defective products, taking care of the expenses incurred by reason of such refund provided that you communicate this fact within seven (7) days (According to Art . 44 of Law 7/1996 of 15 January Retail Trade as amended by Law 47/2002 of 19 December.) days from the date of delivery in accordance with Clause 6.2. before.

In case of defective delivery, return the product to its origin will be provided by the transport company within 48 h, but the freight borne by the Customer.

The items offered in our stores are supported by major commercial firms. Offering the mXIMA quality and best guarantee is our commitment to our customers. If when you receive your order is not satisfied, has a term of seven (7) days from the date of receipt to implement the right of return.

To make the refund, the product must be in perfect condition in its original packaging with manuals, accessories and promotional gifts including you. Upon receipt of the merchandise in our stores, and after checking the status of it, it will proceed to refund the amount, according to the method of payment used by the customer.

In any case, the return of defective products and incorrect shipments, being Mainada who bear the shipping is made if the client communicates this within seven (7) days from the date of receipt of Shipping.

To make your return, please send an e-mail through the following address: incidencias@mainada.es. To arrange refund the customer must be contacted Mainada previously.

* Returns in our shopping centers:
Items purchased online (www.mainada.es) may also be returned in our physical stores.
No exchanges or returns of the following items are allowed for hygiene reasons:
- Any items outside the original blister. Pacifiers and teethingoutside the original blister. Breastfeeding accessories: Bottle and breast pumps without original sealed package.
- Hygiene and Care: body wash, children's soap, cologne ... because it is not possible to check number missing.

Child Restraint Devices for automotive (car seats, bassinets security, etc): No exchanges or returns of the following items for safety reasons allowed.

Returns of special references required under customer request will not be accepted. In the case of orders / items with more than 100 euros in whom they have not charged the shipping amount will be deducted from the amount to pay the actual costs charged by the shipping company. The amount will vary between 15 € and 20 € Minimum maximum depending on the volume of freight. He also deducted from the amount to pay any bank charges resulting from the form or pay channel (Blast, bank transfer, Paypal ...).
* Returns from shipping address: If returned, the shipping charges will not be refunded.
Also, shipping charges will be borne by the customer.
Shipping charges will be reimbursed in the case of wrong shipment or defective product.
In our stores will not return shipments received outside of Spain, Ceuta and Melilla are accepted.


- - - - - -



Customer Service
1. To express any opinion, suggestions or doubts, users may contact the Customer Service of Mainada:

(a). By mail to the address mainada@mainada.es
E-mail to incidents: incidencias@mainada.es

(b). By telephone, the number +34 973 311 811


Governing Law
1. These general conditions are governed by Spanish law. Knowledge of any claim or dispute arising from the validity, performance, interpretation and enforceability of these Terms shall be for the Courts of Barcelona.



Shipping and delivery

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Responsibility and liability
The photographs and texts reproduced presenting the products offered are for information only.

Responsibility for Kids Mainada SLU in connection with any product purchased on "www.mainada.es" strictly limited in any case, the purchase price of that product and will not be compromised by simple errors or omissions that have taken place when they have taken all the necessary precautions in the presentation of the products.

SLU Mainada Kids can not be held liable for damages, whatever their nature, both material and non-material or body, which may resultoperation or misuse of the products sold. The same applies to possible modifications to products by suppliers.
SLU Mainada Kids can not be held responsible for customer or third party for any indirect, operating losses or profits incurred through whatever means even if such damage, loss or injury had been foreseeable by Mainada Kids SLU or if your event would have been brought to their attention.
Subject to the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, the responsibility for Mainada Kids SLU under these terms and conditions shall not exceed an amount equal to amounts paid after the transaction is at the origin of such liability, regardless of whether the cause or form of action in question.

SLU Mainada Kids can not be held liable for breach of contract signed in case of shortage of stock or product unavailability of force majeure, interruption of activity or total or partial strike, especially of postal services and means of transportation or communications, flood or fire.

The provisions of this clause do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer, nor your right to cancel the contract.

In case of dispute, the customer may apply, first, to Mainada Kids SLU to reach a resolutionfriendly.