Countermarch car seats without isofix baby

Against the counter without isofix
Total safety against the counter without an Isofix anchor system.

Taking a child in the opposite direction to the march guarantees us that it is 5 times safer, because in case of a sudden braking or accident the seat of the subject chair and effectively retains the movement of the head, so both the cervical and the head itself are reduced to 73% the forces that are produced and supported.

What differentiates the backrest chairs WITHOUT Isofix?
In the opposite direction to the march without isofix, they can be manufactured and homologized more time to countermarch, up to 25kg approximately 5-6 years of age, this is because the isofix system could not withstand the forces that occur in an impact to Such an older child.
Another great advantage is that in the event of an accident, it may be necessary to remove the chair together with the child, and deforming the isofix anchoring system can make removal difficult.
Here you can see what are possibly the best car seats to countermarch without isofix.

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