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Dolors Casaseca

Founder & General Directorate of Mainada Kids

Alba and Roger have two children. I was working as director of purchasing and logistics in a multinational company for 22 years. Being a mom woke me the need to open a place for pregnant women and mothers of infants feel counseled, a place where they could answer on all your questions and help them to have everything ready for the birth. So it was believed Mainada. Childcare shop, with the best brands but above all the best advice.
Thirteen years later and with a great team beside me we are making to become a leader in childcare to Spanish level, and slowly the world. Both in our physical stores as in the online world. What started as my little project is now a dream that many people work.

Anna Fabregat

Responsible for the Customer

I live seven years working in the world of childcare, first I was in physical store and then I jumped into online. Today, although it sounds cliché, it's my job and my hobby.
I like to treat customers with special attention, because for amtomto or dad, your baby is most important, therefore require a very personalized and professional treatment. In Mainada why I enjoy along with my team, we can advise a lot of future popes daily.

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Our team:

Dolors Casaseca
Founder & Managing Director

Anna Fabregat